Australian Greyhound Veterinarians

Australian Greyhound Veterinarians (AGV) is a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association. Members include veterinarians from Australia, UK, USA, and New Zealand.

Member veterinarians have particular expertise in the health and welfare of greyhounds, and provide their expertise to owners, trainers and racing organisations.

Each year, Australian Greyhound Veterinarians organises continuing education to ensure greyhound veterinarians have access to the latest knowledge and are able to constantly develop their clinical skills.

AGV also keeps members informed about news in racing circles, and is a vital source of health and welfare information for all those involved with greyhounds.

To be a member of AGV, you also need to be a member of the Australian Veterinary Association. If you're not an AVA member, you can join now and become an AGV member at the same time by selecting it as a special interest group on the application form. If you're already an AVA member, contact the association via email or on 1300 137 309 to join AGV.


  1. To advocate welfare improvement for all greyhounds through education and cultural change
  2. To promote and encourage the research and science of greyhound medicine and surgery
  3. To provide a networking and support forum for veterinarians with a special interest in greyhound medicine, surgery and general wellbeing
  4. To provide the AVA with relevant policy, information and advice pertaining to greyhounds
  5. To liaise with local, state and national governing bodies and provide advice, opinion and information as appropriate
  6. Provide official track veterinarians with a protocol, advice and support in their work.